Saturday, March 05, 2005

Medical Malpractice Morass

Asymmetrical Information: Arguments that don't quite make the case you think
For those who want to get gently pushed into the medical malpractice arguement arena, this is a good place to start....and many of the comments are worthwhile as well. Thrown in with this are a healthy dose of "work hour restriction" questions. These issues will begin playing a larger role in the debate about medical care in this country over the next few years; we cannot continue to cut reimbursement to physicians while drastically increasing their malpractice insurance premiums and mandating decreased work hours (and thereby decreasing reimbursement further). There is also the largely underreported gender issue in medicine --- at the risk of being strung up like Larry Summers, half of the physicians we are now training are not expectede to work the same hours or have the same career span as their male counterparts.