Monday, April 18, 2005

And so it begins!

And so it begins, as I expected ----- American Academy of Cosmetic Surgery's Outrage Over FDA Advisory Panel's Silicone Breast Implant Recommendations. This debate looks like it could turn nasty (emphasis is mine).

  • "Although we do applaud the panel's decision to allow these implants to return to the general marketplace, this recommendation is not only discriminatory, but it will prove to be a huge loss for patients. People deserve quality care and there is no proof that a board-certified plastic surgeon is better qualified to perform a breast augmentation with these implants than a board-certified cosmetic surgeon," said American Academy of Cosmetic Surgery President Claude H. Crockett, Jr., MD, FACS.
  • "This recommendation has been made without the proper information. Plastic surgery includes both reconstructive and aesthetic surgery, while cosmetic surgery is based upon aesthetics. This debate is rightly about the safety of the implants, rather than the specialty and qualifications of the surgeon," said American Academy of Cosmetic Surgery Trustee and Board-Certified Plastic Surgeon, Michael H. Rosenberg, MD, FACS.
  • "Electing to have cosmetic surgery is ultimately about choice. To deny women the right to choose who is administering their implants is a clear violation of an individual's basic, patient rights," said American Academy of Cosmetic Surgery's Past President and renowned general surgeon Robert F. Jackson, MD, FACS.
I am not sure if the FDA has ever recommended restricted use of devices or drugs in this manner -- for example, can only board-certified orthopedic surgeons implant the newest artificial hips? By the same token, it is in the manufacturer's best interests to ensure the highest quality care for the patients receiving those implants. Endovascular prosthesis makers won't allow the use of their devices by physicians who have not been properly trained. Just more food for thought.