Thursday, June 09, 2005

Burning up on Reentry

So my alarm clock goes off at the usual 5:30 AM today, and my head starts to wail like a David Gilmour solo, thumping like I'm waking up from a three day tequila bender (gee, sort of like college). Yep, vacation's over, and reality is starting to sink in. I have always felt like returning from vacation is like returning from space, only without those nifty heat-resistant tiles. On arrival to the office, one peek at my desk tells me that my worst fears have arrived in the form of an inbox so full of paperwork that it looks on the verge of collapse. Phone calls to return, lab and x-ray reports to review, a jury summons(!), a subpoena to testify in a trauma case(!!), 6 journals, and pathology results that need to be conveyed to patients fill my next few hours. Then a full office follows --- and I am so discombobulated by travel through time zones that it feels like August, 1975.

On the bright side, I find that the unbelievably sick patient I left in the ICU is alive and slowly improving. For this I give thanks to the Holy Trinity of the private practice surgeon: Good Partners, Good Colleagues, and Good Nurses. I am blessed to work in a place with all three; while away, I certainly worried about the patient, but never about the ability of those caring for her.

What I found interesting was a new experience on this vacation. I felt guilty about not blogging, and not reading the interesting thoughts of other bloggers. My site gets a paltry few hits, so my guilt is really directed inward, I suppose. Hopefully later I'll have a chance to see what's been going on out there later in the day.