Wednesday, June 15, 2005

Convertible Envy

I'm not sure what primeval instinct drives the modern man to desire certain types of cars. While I've never given in to car lust, I certainly suffer from it. So, at age 43, with more gray in my hair than I'd like to admit, I periodically want to throw myself at one car or another --- almost always a convertible. So, when my ED colleague (an unmarried lady) told me the other night she dumped her Saab convertible for one of my dream cars, I started getting convertible envy. She bought this beautiful Beemer:

Ok, it's not practical, and at a base price of $76,900, not cheap either. So, adding insult to my injured pride, while I was having a beer to soothe my feelings the next night, my neighbor drives up in one of these (you could hear it about a block away; what a sweet sound). It was apparently a real, honest-to-God Shelby, not a knockoff; the whiplash I got can testify to it's horsepower. I didn't ask about the cost (he's a dealer). I did ask if it was a reasonable substitute for Viagra.

As a result, my desire for a convertible starts to soar -- especially with spring and early summer giving us great weather. So, I start to drop hints to SWIMBO: "Wouldn't it be nice to go out to dinner in one of these?"

I have always wanted a TT, with those great leather seats that look and feel like the catcher's mitt I had in 8th grade:

"But what about the surglings?" SWIMBO asks. "We need something that our eldest surgling can drive next year when she's 16, and learn on in the meantime." Wailing and gnashing of teeth ensue, and all of my dreams go up in a puff of money -- used to purchase a safe Toyota. Oh, well. Maybe in about 7 years, when the littlest surgling heads off to college, I can get my Porsche. Then again, maybe not!