Monday, June 20, 2005

Screwed -- and Just Bitchin' About It

There are times when I think that my dislike of the legal profession is not just an idle passion. After returning from vacation, I found in the mail both a jury summons and a subpoena to testify in a trauma case. My office had dutifully blocked out the morning requested for my testimony, and I had to block off a whole (operating) day for jury duty. Of course, the assistant DA never bothered to contact me about the trial. Surprise, surprise, surprise.

So, at 4 PM the day prior to my scheduled testimony, my office manager received a call from the asst. DA's secretary to tell her to switch the time of my testimony to the afternoon --- meaning, she had to move about 15 patients to the morning, given an hour's notice. Still, no contact with me; while I had the defendant's name, I did not even know the name of the person I was to testify about!

At 10 AM the next morning yet another call: it's off, to be rescheduled. And sure enough, it's rescheduled for the morning after my jury duty date. And today is my jury duty date (wonder why I've had a few posts?) So, my entire day today is blocked --- I was instructed to call after 5 PM on Friday, and was told "we don't need you, yet; call after 11:30 AM Monday." Stuck in neutral all morning, and I'm eventually told at 11:30 "don't come." I was hoping to get picked to be on the jury I would be testifying in front of ---- as I still had not heard from the asst. DA!

It's now 3:30 PM; my subpoena is for tomorrow at 9 AM. My office manager just informed me that I now have a free morning tomorrow!!!! Because my testimony has been moved, again, to Thursday morning!

I want to help. I want to help put bad people behind bars. But I can't help if I'm really, really ticked off and don't even know what they want me to testify about! Oh, well, it's time for a martini.

UPDATE: at noon today I received a call from the DA's office and actually got to speak to the asst. DA in charge of the case......who (drumroll please) informed me that the judge had put this trial off for another 3 weeks. (sigh) (bigger sigh) (martini craving is setting in, but I'm on call). Oh well, it sure is a lot of hubub for what I suspect will be a grand total of 10 minutes of testimony.