Monday, June 20, 2005

Vinyl Heaven

Ok, no more bitchin'. I made it home, and SWIMBO & the surglings are out doing all sorts of things....leaving me to make a martini, catch up on paperwork, and start putting that new turntable to good use! Right now, it's the classic early Chicago VI; I love the intro to "What's this World Comin' To?" --- somebody in the background starts out with "we can cut it in any key." I know I sound like my father, but they just don't make music like that any more!

Next up,we'll spin an album that I've never been able to find in any form since it came out --- the Bee's Knees "Pure Honey." Any long-time (as in old like me) observer of the Dallas music scene will know that The Bees Knees was one of the early groups that Anson Funderburgh -- now of Anson and the Rockets -- played in.

Maybe later we'll put on a little Bugs Henderson, and then relax with Dark Side of the Moon. This has got to be the best present the surglings have ever given me!