Saturday, July 23, 2005

In an update to my recent post on Medicare's Pay-for-Performance plan and its requirement for an electronic medical record system I found on Kevin's site a plan by Medicare to give, free of charge, an EMR system to physicians:

The program begins next month, and the software is a version of a well-proven electronic health record system, called Vista, that has been used for two decades by hospitals, doctors and clinics with the Department of Veterans Affairs. Medicare will also provide a list of companies that have been trained to install and maintain the system.
I am unfamiliar with Vista, and would welcome any insight into how well it would work outside the VA system (where it apparently has been used for about two decades). Certainly this is quite a big step for Medicare, which has set an ambitious time schedule for mandating EMR usage in order to participate with Pay-for-Performance. Thoughts, anyone?