Tuesday, July 12, 2005

Take the Long Term View

Winds of Change has a great visual presentation that illustrates for us the Al Quaeda attacks that have occurred since the creation of the International Islamic Front and their subsequent declaration of war in February of 1998 --- including the casualty numbers.

The purpose of the presentation is to graphically demonstrate al Qaeda'’s ability to conduct mass casualty assaults on a global scale. This presentation by no means documents every single al Qaeda attack. For example, the murders of journalist Daniel Pearl in Pakistan and USAID executive Lawrence Foley in Jordan were excluded, as have smaller impact suicide attacks and beheadings by al Qaeda in Iraq and elsewhere. al Qaeda's butchery in Iraq can fill a presentation of its own. Also, planned or foiled chemical attacks against Jordan, France and England, the assassination attempts on President Musharraf of Pakistan and numerous other incidents throughout the world have not been documented.
Click on the link to view the presentation -- requires Macromedia Flash Player. It's worth a few minutes of time to view.