Sunday, July 03, 2005

University of Colorado Hikes Tuition 20%, and Ward Churchill Gets a Raise!

It's nice to see that people still get a lot for their money at our institutions of higher learning. For example, this year's tuition increase at the University of Colorado will only be 20%! With that increase, your kids will be able to enjoy these educational opportunities at the "flagship" university in the heart of Beijing in the Rockies:

  1. Ethnic Studies (Afro-American, American Indian, Asian American, and Chicano Studies) -- Ward Churchill's bailiwick -- 'nuff said
  2. Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, and Transgender Studies ("LGBT Studies involves the academic investigation of sexuality in established fields such as literature, history, theatre, law, medicine, economics, sociology, anthropology and political science. With its interdisciplinary approach, LGBT Studies interweaves complex theories and analysis into the study of sexuality." Includes such courses as Queer Theory, Queer Film, and Queer Modernism)
  3. Peace and Conflict Studies ("It's a simple and effective way to learn more about peace and conflict, and to gain skills to make the world a more peaceful place." Includes courses such as Prison Writing and Literacy and the ever popular Nonviolence for Everyday)
  4. Women's Studies (Includes courses such as Chicana Feminism and Knowledge, Workplace Diversity, and Queer Theory)
Lucky parent that you are, you also have the opportunity to help give Ward Churchill a raise with this year's tuition hike!

Look, I don't care if college kids want to waste their time gazing at their navels; their brains can rot on this Colorado Kool Aid as far as I'm concerned. However, should taxpayers not ask that their tax dollars be spent a bit more wisely? If one looks at the list of academic departments and programs at CU, it is easy to find any number of educational opportunities that will produce thinking, educated, working (i.e., tax-paying) graduates.....and that is what we need in a functioning society. Perhaps the taxpayers of Colorado would be better served if the above type of departments were eliminated and encouraged to reconstitute at private colleges. That would diminish to some degree the animosity folks have towards idiots like this, and still allow the navel gazers access to their lint. I know that some will want to throw college sports into this argument, and that's fine; I don't have the data to tell whether or not sports are a net winner or loser for most institutions.

In the long run, the world of academia will have to come to the realization that there is no bottomless pit of money available to kids who need a college degree ---- and without some changes, they may be put into the same situation as newspapers and magazines are in today due to the explosion of the internet.