Sunday, December 11, 2005

Sunday Ear Candy

It's been a long weekend, and it ain't over yet! Oh, well, at least I got to sleep last night; tonight may very well be a different story. After two emergency laparotomies today, rounds, and spending time in medical records so the hospital will hopefully let me continue to practice here, the past hour has been spent on....paperwork! I am having fun, however, as I have a new 'puter, with great speakers, and I have loaded more than a few CDs onto iTunes. so, the drudgery of paperwork has been eased by the company of Yes, Van Morrison, The Kinks, Jeff Beck, John Wesley Harding, Elvis Costello, and the lovely lady Diana:

At least I have a little ear candy to get me through the day. Even as someone who cannot carry a tune with a forklift, I have always loved music; fortunately, the surglings have inherited SWIMBO's talents, and can all play (quite well, if I may brag). I, on the other hand, can play the stereo with grace and accomplishment!