Thursday, January 26, 2006

Take a Bite Outta Pork!

Oh, baby, do I love this idea:

To rein in wasteful spending, Dr. Coburn intends to offer an amendment on every pork project stuffed into appropriations bills this year. There were at least 13,998 earmarked projects contained in last yearÂ’s appropriations bills. By way of comparison, the Senate had only 366 roll call votes last year. Needless to say we are beefing up our appropriations staff for this challenge and we have requested that we be given at least 72 hours to review appropriations bills before they are considered.
Comments from Mary Katharine Ham:

Sen. McCain has also signed onto the effort, and the two have shot off a "Dear Colleagues" letter that must have Senate aides clasping to their little appropriating chests the plans for the Central Idaho Celebration of Railroad Conductors Museum. Appropriators think they can leverage enough pressure to make the Coburn threat an empty one, but I think it's a mistake to underestimate Tom Coburn's desire to shake things up in the Senate. It's equally dangerous to overestimate his desire to make buddies in the Senate.

And the coup de grace from Andrew Roth at the Club for Growth:
Memo to Ted Steven'’s office: Bring a defibrillator with you to the Senate floor from now on.
Maybe the good folks behind the porkbusters idea should generate a new, Senator Coburn-specific logo. They could stick with the "pork" motif, but add a bit of oomph:

But I prefer a less subtle approach.
Whatever it takes, it's time to hold our representatives accountable for where they spend our money. If that requires Sen. Coburn to adopt a pit bull's persona, so be it.