Friday, May 05, 2006

You Make the Call

Birthdays, as us older guys are well aware, are not always cause for celebration! And, since I have a (rather large) one coming up this weekend, and since I'm going to be in the hospital on call, this will be one birthday that will go sans fête. However, my younger brother did bring a little fun to the occasion by shipping me one of these:
He, being both younger and smarter than yours truly, is quite the connected computer business whiz, and recently joined the Jedi Knights trying to destroy the Death Star. My son, the littlest surgling, was duly impressed --- "Dad, you got something cool in the mail today!" However, what was in the box under the "Coooool-gle" hat? Why, yes, something with which to display my true inner self:
He must have heard me laughing 1,000 miles away, because he called soon after I put the thing on. The main question remained, however: does this mark me as a nerd, or a geek? I mean, I'm not really sure, but perhaps this means I am advertising myself as an übergeek! And, of course, asking my brother, übergeek if there ever was one, is sort of like a wife asking her husband if the $249 dress she just bought (on sale!) makes her derriere a bit too prominent.

So, I leave it to you --- nerd, or geek?