Sunday, August 20, 2006

C(hicago) M(edical) E(ducation)

Chicago beckons. It's time for me to get some CME hours, and there's no better way to get a big chunk of them than to go to the American College of Surgeons annual meeting. I hate going to meetings; I prefer to read my journals, but need to get some CME hours for a variety of meetings. So, I just registered for the meeting in October, but I was unable to get SWIMBO to come with me. Chicago? What about the Magnificent Mile does she not understand?! Oh, well. What will she miss? Perhaps a shopping trip here?

Plus, since I read about Chicago's famous architect Daniel Burnham in Devil in the White City, I was excited to find out that I will be staying at the Hotel Burnham -- housed in the Reliance Building designed by Burnham's firm (by Charles Atwood, who also designed the Museum of Science and Industry). The Reliance Building is felt to represent the "first direct predecessor to today's modern skyscrapers," built in the "Chicago School" of architecture. It has been renovated recently:

.... complete renovation and restoration work began. The result -- portions of the interior replicated from the original building. Renovation included meticulously reconstructing the mosaic floor, multi-colored marble ceiling and walls, and ornamental metal elevator grills, stairways and archways to resemble the lobby as it once existed.

Cool. I like it already. So, although I don't like to go to national meetings, it looks like a fun place to stay. Maybe I need to check into some CME where I would like to go next time. Anyway, this time I'll do a little meeting, do a little talking to old friends. Eat a little steak, maybe catch some music, and enjoy a neat old hotel. Anybody else going? I'll buy you a martini.