Tuesday, October 10, 2006

ACS Chicago --- III

Spent most of the day in a post-graduate course --- one focusing on a procedure that I spend a considerable amount of time doing (laparoscopic colectomy; perhaps something I should write a few words about some time). Certainly there was not a lot of new information presented for those who keep up with literature and techniques, but it is nice to have one's own biases and ideas confirmed by folks in academia who focus almost solely on that one topic.

The late afternoon sessions included a nice review of dealing with medical comorbidities in the trauma patient. Given the trauma population that most often hits my ED, who are primarily the recipients of blunt trauma (auto accidents and the like), it was a nice review. Unfortunately, nobody seems to have anything to say about how to deal with the patient on Plavix except to shrug their shoulders and say "try anything you think that may work."

The ACS is a bit behind the times as far as the internet is concerned --- thier web site, for example, is not the most user-friendly place on the web. However, they have introduced this week something that I think will be helpful for many general surgeons who don't have the time or resources to put together their own practice web site with patient instructions and information. "Patients as Partners in Surgical Care" is the new patient education web site that the ACS has put together, and it looks fairly promising. It certainly duplicates some of the things my practice has made available to patients on our site, and is a nice complement in other respects.

Now, as for the aggravating part of the meeting....I am not sure I'm fully prepared to rant in a coherent fashion jsut yet, but let me give you the title of one of the first sessions of the entire meeting: "Cultural Competency: Does it Facilitate Better Delivery of Health Care?" I'll have plenty to say about this later, but it amazes me to know that the presenters' opinions were basically that yeah, we don't have one iota of data that this is meaningful, but we're gonna mandate it anyways. Arrggghhhh!