Monday, October 09, 2006

ACS Chicago - part deux

A few interesting tidbits from today's overwhelming plethora of lectures. In actual fact, I arrived not really expecting to get a whole lot of new information, but was pleasantly surprised tohave a pair of lectures, delivered back-to-back, that actually were timely, informative, and very clinically useful. The first of these was a great review of the ways in which surgeons can reduce the risk of venous thromboembolism, and its sequelae, with appropriate prophylaxis. This was hammered ito me during my training, and in some ways did not come off as "new," but this field of study is dynamic and evolving. What was particularly helpful was that the speaker has put together a great web site --- --- with all of the information (and more) presented, along with risk stratification profiles, prophylaxis stategies, etc., all available gratis.

The second lecture carried a similar profile --- things we surgeons can do to reduce the risk of perioperative cardiac complications. Basically, he was a one-man band playing the (undersung) tune of beta blocker use to prevent cardiac complications in the patient at risk for the same. Bottom line --- beta blockers good, no beta blockers bad. And for those who can't take them, there's some good data to support using Clonidine instead. And, just as helpful as the first presenter, he has a web site to help the physician or hospital that needs to get a cardiac prophylaxis program underway ---

Don't worry -- there were plenty of things for me to get good and Aggravated about; I'll just save those for later! Hint ---- they involve a little bit of "PC-thinking," something that I don't think fits in with surgery, not in the least!