Tuesday, November 21, 2006

Diagnosis --- Arrgghh!

Time for a little quiz. This patient presents today complaining of the following symptoms:

Lack of sleep
Stiff neck
Short temper and the disposition of a pit bull
Queasiness that doesn't improve with eating, no better with an empty stomach
Dull ringing in the ears
Headache with all the bells and whistles -- throbbing, pounding, relentless

Diagnosis? He's been plucked cleanly from the pleasant reverie of daily humdrum, and thrown headlong into the medieval torture known as real estate! That's right. No Comfy Chair --- it's the Iron Maiden for him!

OK, so maybe it's not that bad --- but I can tell you from living with these symptoms that this lovely game of selling and buying houses, full of disclosure forms, paperwork, bickering and dickering, and outright BS is enough to drive me to live in a '72 VW Microbus! And there's one sure thing I've discovered --- the headaches that I have gotten over the past three weeks have been real monsters, the kind that look at a 1,000 pill bottle of Tylenol or Motrin and laugh uncontrollably. Hell, they scoff at a liter of Vodka!

Perhaps it will be settled soon (please, SWIMBO!), and I can look towards a holiday season of packing, moving, and unpacking! Thank goodness the Surglings are old enough to help; maybe I can just say that I got called back to work.....