Thursday, July 26, 2007

Googley Stuff

I'd like to thank my brother, the Googlemeister, for telling me about the cool Google search doodad that prompted me to tear apart and reconstruct my blog. It's actually pretty neat --- do you remember that I might have written something about, say, medical staff credentialing in the past, but aren't sure what astounding insight I displayed? Search the site, and it brings up all kinds of results right here on this page. But what is even better, if you know that your started here, but ended up on one of the links to the right and found something interesting, you can find it using the same search tool. Lastly, if it's nowhere to be found, there's a tab to do a whole net search. Pretty nifty, and probably a lot more useful for those blogs that are large, with plenty of posts, that have been around for a while.

Want one? Go to and log in as usual. Then edit the Layout, and select the "Add Page Element". The search element should be marked with "New". An explanation of what it does is here. As my experience demonstrates you need to have upgraded to Blogger in Draft, Blogger's experimental site --- which, despite my protests below, wasn't really that difficult.