Friday, July 20, 2007

(muttter, mutter, @#$%^*!)

So, my brother the Googlemeister (yes, he's way smarter than me --- that's why he works for Google) sends me an e-mail. It goes something like this:

I know that you are a complete techno-idiot, but you just might be smart enough to add this cool new Google widget to your pitiful little blog. It's basically an experimental search engine for your blog.
Just like Alice, I followed that rabbit down the hole.....and ended up not only needing to upgrade my template, but because all of those little things I had added over the past few years just.went.poof! This only required a few precious hours of, if I didn't include all of the "Doc Bloggers" that I had previously accumulated in my Blogrolling account, let me know and I'll add yours back in!

Oh, well, maybe this will prompt me to do a little overdue updating. Don't change that channel!