Thursday, August 09, 2007

Back in the (or out of the) Saddle

Back to work --- and reentry, as they say, is a b*&$@h! Out of the bike saddle, and back at it in the office and OR all week. Oh, well, gotta pay the bills to get set for next year's bike trip. Here's a photo of yours truly, Fat Bastard himself, at Navajo Lake with the littlest surgling (on the right) and his buddy that went with us.

Note the utter lack of cleanliness --- mountain bike riding during a season with daily rain showers and camping at sites without showers leaves one rather ripe, to say the least!

A few days later on, we had the chance to ride our bikes into Zion Canyon proper (the only -- I mean the only -- way to see it if you can) and then hike a few miles up the Virgin River. Here are the boys with their coordinating, fantastically non-PC T-Shirts.

We had a fantastic time, and although I took my share of spills in the mud, we all came out of it unscathed. The only thing left to do now is to decide where to go to next year!