Tuesday, October 09, 2007

And I Thank You

With apologies to Isaac Hayes & David Porter, who wrote it, and Sam and Dave, who first popularized it, I have to go with ZZ Top's version of "I Thank You"as the version I like the best. Maybe that's because I heard it at an ear-splitting decibel level in the old Dallas County Convention Center (now reduced to rubble) during their Deguello tour. And that's the song that always comes to mind whenever I get a "thank you" note in the mail from a patient. It doesn't happen all that often, but it never fails to make me feel pretty danged humble.

I keep a file of these notes dating back to 1994, when I first started private practice. It's a nice reminder that at one time or another, somebody took the time to write a few kind words of thanks in recognition of something that I did for them or for their family member. Sometimes, all I provided was an opinion, sometimes elective surgery, and sometimes emergent surgery. Like every other scenario in life, the outcomes were not always the best --- and when those patients or families choose to say "thanks" it means even more to me.

Now it's my turn. Somebody took the wholly unexpected step of e-mailing me to ask if I would mind being interviewed for the Wall Street Journal Health Blog. My first reaction was "How the heck can e-mail get sent to the wrong person?" My second reaction was surprise --- I never thought that any of the three or four people who read this blog might actually enjoy it! Anyway, I had a great time talking with Scott Hensley of the WSJ Health Blog, who as it turns out happens to spend a fair amount of time reading medical blogs -- mine included. He was kind enough to write a very flattering post about this blog in particular, and I suspect he will be doing the same in the future for other doc bloggers. I would just like to say "thank you" to Mr. Hensley -- with a little video from that Little Ol' Band from Texas: