Tuesday, February 19, 2008

Oh, cr*p

As the state of Colorado returned to single party rule -- the party in the pocket of the trial lawyers -- my first prediction was that the malpractice caps that have been in place for many years would soon be flushed like used toilet paper. I hate being right.

There's simply no reason to continue to rehash the arguments against such a boneheaded move --- those who believe that an unfettered right to sue anybody, at any time, for anything, with no repercussions rarely are willing to have any type of discussion on the matter. Given the tone of those pushing this legislation, however, it does appear that we're headed back to the 70's....higher taxes, a trial lawyer lobby in complete control of the statehouse, etc. To quote the that staple of '70s radio, the Carpenters, what they are telling the physicians (and taxpayers) of Colorado is that "we've only just begun."

Crap. Maybe I need to get a license application from a more physician friendly state. Or, I could just call it a day and become a Wal-Mart greeter.