Saturday, July 26, 2008

No sense in wading in the muck with a pig....

I have been derelict in my duty. It seems that a certain medical school perfessor decided to rant a bit about doctors, and surgeons in particular -- I won't link to him, but Orac can fill you in. He began his rant by rightfully identifying the stupid behavior of one idiotic surgeon who decided it would be a great idea to put a temporary tattoo on a patient....without her knowledge. That surgeon is, to put it mildly, an ass. I think Mr. Gump would say "stupid is as stupid does."

OK. Great thing to tee off on. Far be it from me to keep someone from ranting away; it isn't like I haven't done a little of that myself, even about surgeons.

But, of course, this particular perfesser ain't the type to let it go there, and in the end accomplishes no less than a sweeping declaration about the arrogance of all doctors, especially those that wield scalpels.

You know what? I could care less about Mr. Physiology Perfessor's rant. Quite frankly, he has shown himself to have the same qualities as the man he originally teed off on. A small-minded ass.

After a bit of fallout, he made a semi-apology, but in reality only stepped a bit deeper in the cow excrement.

So, in lieu of spending a couple of hours putting together a cogent argument, extolling the virtues of physicians, and surgeons in particular, while recognizing that yes indeed we have our moments (and our share of idiots), I think I'll just have a nice, cold martini. The the best way to deal with this type of arrogant idiocy (yes, while hammering on the arrogance of physicians, he laid bare his own arrogance) is to ignore it.