Thursday, January 08, 2009

Why I fail at generating cash here...

I must admit that I find the whole process of blogging intriguing, if not a bit surreal. I have exchanged several informative, fun, or just plain interesting e-mails with folks I otherwise would have never encountered. But nothing prepared me for the experience of receiving e-mail from people wanting to advertise on my site. I understand that most of these are automatically generated, but a recent one caught me by surprise:

I came across your website and am very interested in advertising on your site for my law site. The website offers latest news and articles about personal injury and the general law industry. Please can you inform me of how much text advertising on your website would cost?

Let's just call him Mr. Nonetoobright

What a fabulous marketing idea! Advertising for a personal injury law site right here on my site --- I mean, it's not as if I haven't made it abundantly clear that personal injury law is about as honorable a profession as bank robbery.

What the hell. After a little martini, I thought "I'll play along!" Here was my response:
If you want to advertise for personal injury lawyers on my site --- a physician's site -- pricing for text advertising would start at $147,589 per word (extra for words with more than 7 letters, and double for any hyphenated words).

Many thanks
Aggravated DocSurg
I thought nothing of it; just a laugh to let off a little steam. I was shocked to get an actual reply a day later:
That's a little too much for me, thank you for the prompt response.

Mr. Nonetoobright
Some people! Ya just can't please 'em!