Monday, March 30, 2009

Just Do It

My son and I just returned from a 4 day mountain biking trip in Canyonlands National Park, just outside of Moab. This was our fourth trip with Western Spirit Cycling, and I have to say once again that this is the best experience I have ever had with my son. The guides are fun, funny, great cooks, unbelievable riders, helpful, and genuinely great people; in four trips, I have ridden and camped with 12 different Western Spirit guides, and they have all been gems. Our trip this year was a bit windy and chilly (in the teens one night), but the scenery was beautiful.

We rode the White Rim Trail, which initially runs along the Colorado River, and then winds along the Green River. My son is now 15, and can absolutely kick my rear on a bike. Here is one of the few times he was within my sights during the day.

We did get caught in a spot of nasty weather -- cold winds, a touch of snow, and a few pretty chilly nights. But it was never bad enough to make this anything less than a great time.

I cannot recommend this company highly enough. While I think it's great to do with my son, by no means are all of their trips designed to be for families only.

So, if you are willing to sweat a bit on vacation, give 'em a call.