Sunday, February 21, 2010

Nudge, nudge

So...the three stooges are now planning once again to ram through government-run health care. Some are calling them tone deaf. Where I grew up, we'd just call them plain ignorant, completely unable to see that the US populace has not only flatly rejected their ideas, they are now making open sport of them.

Let's check the a few items from big government playbook narrative, and see how accurate it is:

At this point, the big government stooges have all the self absorption and total lack of awareness of others as Eric Idle:

Big Government Stooge : Is your country a....goer, eh? Know what I mean? Know what I mean? Nudge nudge. Nudge nudge. Know what I mean? Say no more...know what I mean?

Average US Joe: I, uh, I beg your pardon?

Big Government Stooge: Your, uh, your country, does she go, eh, does she go, eh?

Average US Joe: (flustered) Well, she sometimes 'goes', yes.

Big Government Stooge: Aaaaaaaah bet she does, I bet she does, say no more, say no more, know whatahmean, nudge nudge?

Average US Joe: (confused) I'm afraid I don't quite follow you.

Big Government Stooge: Follow me. Follow me. That's good, that's good! A nod's as good as a wink to a blind bat!

Average US Joe: Are you, uh,...are you selling something?

Big Government Stooge: SELLING! Very good, very good! Ay? Ay? Ay? (pause) Oooh! Ya wicked Ay! Wicked Ay! Oooh hooh! Say No MORE!

Average US Joe: Well, I, uh....

Big Government Stooge: Is, your uh, is your country a sport, ay?

Average US Joe: Um, she likes sport, yes!

Big Government Stooge: I bet she does, I bet she does!

Average US Joe: As a matter of fact she's very fond of baseball.

Big Government Stooge: 'Oo isn't? Likes games, eh? Knew she would. Likes games, eh? She's been around a bit, been around?

Average US Joe: She has traveled, yes. She's helped free untold millions in the world. (pause)

Big Government Stooge: SAY NO MORE!!

Big Government Stooge: Millions, saynomore, saynomore, saynomore, squire!

Average US Joe: I wasn't going to!

Big Government Stooge: Oh! Well, never mind. Dib dib? Is your uh, is your wife interested in....more bureaucracy, ay? 'Bureaucrats, ay', he asked him knowlingly?

Average US Joe: Bureaucracy?

Big Government Stooge: Snap snap, grin grin, wink wink, nudge nudge, say no more?

Average US Joe: Government expansion into private interactions between US citizens and their doctors, eh?

Big Government Stooge: That could be, that could be what we're talking about. Intrusive, you know, INTRUSIVE bureaucracy?

Average US Joe: No, no I'm afraid we are simply not interested.

Big Government Stooge: Oh. (leeringly) Still, mooooooh, ay? Mwoohohohohoo, ay? Hohohohohoho, ay?

Average US Joe: Look... are you insinuating something?

Big Government Stooge: Oh, no, no, no...yes.

Average US Joe: Well?

Big Government Stooge: Well, you're a man of the world, squire. I mean, you've been around a bit, you know, like, you've, uh.... You've 'done it'....

Average US Joe: What do you mean?

Big Government Stooge: Well, I mean like,'ve RUN, a've MET a've STAYED within a budget....

Average US Joe: Yes....

Big Government Stooge: What's it like?

How about this, guys -- Nudge, nudge. Wink, wink. Just. Say. No. More!