Wednesday, March 31, 2010

The OR Rorschach Test, #3

You know, I get a lot of crazy stares as I walk out of the OR holding big, crinkled sheets of paper covered with brown stains. What, exactly, people ask me, is in the OR that will stain something brown......eewwww! Here's your test for today:

Lots of Betadine on a great big belly; the telltale sign is the "eye" somewhere on the imprint caused by the belly button. Given the amount of time I have spent in my life listening to music, and I pretty much don't regret one second (well, maybe some disco crap my high school girlfriend was into....but, one does what one must), you must forgive me for immediately thinking of Pink Floyd. No, not an acid trip --- the Division Bell album cover:

OK. I admit it. That was a bit obtuse, even for me. I'd be happy to hear other suggestions.

Although it's a bit fuzzy, I think anyone near my age who spent a little time in front of the boob tube on Saturday mornings should think of one and only one cartoon with this OR Rorschach:

Need a hint? Here's a little sound bite to jog your memory.

OK. So now you know where my deep well of sarcasm and brooding springs from. In fact, I think Woody Woodpecker (ya think that name would get past the censors today?) is probably the best role model one could have in this Obmamanation --- impertinent, sarcastic, and with a healthy dose of disrespect for authority.

Uno mas for today ---

I'm of two minds here. Perhaps the Chatterer from Hellraiser?

Nah. I'm in a better mood than that today. I'm going with another cartoon character ---

Your answers on this test will be graded. But, with a curve!