Tuesday, May 11, 2010

The OR Rorschach Test, #4

Working, biking, and not posting. Hardly a recipe for loads of hits, but I've been busy and the weather has been great.......so I've ridden instead of posting. But I have accumulated a few new OR Rorschachs for your viewing pleasure. First question for today's test:

Ahh, the belly button always leaves a nice divot in the Betadine and gives most OR Rorschachs a handy "eye" to anchor the picture. This one is almost too easy --- while one could say that Jim Carrey had lost The Mask in the OR

...I think this looks more like an Easter Island moai:

I guess it all depends on your cultural perspective.

Next up, another face....or is it?

I dunno ---- this one strikes me as if The Shadow is peering around the corner of a building

SWIMBO, however, who is used to feeding my teenage son massive quantities of food, immediately thought of this:

A nice, steaming slice of pepperoni pizza. Reminds me of college! (Pizza Express, 744-4444, sadly no longer in business)

Last question for today's test:

While this sort of puts in mid the Union Jack,

I'm more inclined to think of a famous guitar:

Never have much cared for Van Halen, but this is rather iconic.

Class, any questions? Remember, there are no wrong answers here.